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Why "Land Of Delight"?

Leelanau is the land of delight, and it's the county I work in.  But there's more to it than that.

I registered the landofdelight.com domain a number of years ago when I realized a couple of things:

  • The lyrics to the Leelanau Theme Song were nowhere on the Web. 
  • No-one had yet claimed the name "LandOfDelight.com". 
  • At the time, if you used your favorite search engines to search for information about Cherry Pie, you'd get a lot of search results for sites that are, well, lets just say they're off-topic. I realized there needs to be a link to a place that will ship a nice, fresh Cherry Pie to you in a pinch. Happily, the Grand Traverse Pie Co. already had this covered.   
  • The phrase "land of delight" could have similar problems...so I coughed up the fee and registered the name. (Recently, the search engines have started doing a better job with double-entendre phrases like these). 

Not one to rest on my laurels, I've since built some extra features for the site:

  • You@LandOfDelight.com -- sign up to get your email address ending in "@landofdelight.com". 
  • A page dedicated to Ultimate Frisbee in Leelanau. 
  • Really, really useful sites everyone should know about. 
  • Humor, including the absolutely incomparable "Heus Abbus" routine. You MUST read it, and you WILL laugh. Whatever you're doing now can't be that important. Thanks Abbotts! 
  • Tips & Trivia section, including articles on getting more comfortable with your PC.
Land of Delight Communications is a one-man Internet consulting company based in Suttons Bay, Michigan, USA. I build web pages, design Internet solutions for small businesses, conduct one-on-one training, and Yes! I make house calls to homes and businesses anywhere in Leelanau County. I can solve your hardware, software and Internet problems. 
© John Hadjisky, 2005-present