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All addresses ending in "@landofdelight.com" are currently available except:

  • audifans

  • custhelp

  • ebay

  • hadj

  • jpyc

  • john

  • john.hadjisky

  • nobody

  • postmaster

  • root
  • support
  • variety
  • webmaster
  • zonelabs
  • zonealert
  • root
  • sandy


Please note:  For landofdelight.com email addresses, uppercase is the same as lower case. Therefore, if john@landofdelight.com is taken, that means that John@landofdelight.com and JOHN@landofdelight.com are also not available.

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Land of Delight Communications is a one-man Internet consulting company based in Suttons Bay, Michigan, USA. I build web pages, design Internet solutions for small businesses, conduct one-on-one training, and Yes! I make house calls to homes and businesses anywhere in Leelanau County. I can solve your hardware, software and Internet problems. 
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